Golden Child

Om Golden Child Energien

Den engelske kanalist Paul McCarthy er kommet med nedenstående oplysninger vedrørende Golden Child energien og City of Light:

Paul McCarthy channeling St. Germain's perspective on The Golden Child Energy 20 July 2015:
"It is a profound energy and most important for the future of humanity. The Golden Child Energy is equivalent to the evolution of humanity and future humanity. Future humans will carry great spiritual authority and personal power and they will also be much more integrated. Their experiences - their growth will be much more integrated. A concept that is quite hard for present day humans to understand. But because of this integration - a movement away from polarization towards integration - there is quite a different expression of humanity in the future which carries great authenticity - spiritual authority - personal power. In many ways The Golden Child Energy gives birth to groups of beings - groups of humans in the future such as the Essasani. The Golden Child energy is wrapped around the Essasani. Those future humans who will be a product of - a hybrid product of - the joining - the unity of humans and other extraterrestrials forming this new group who will be based in Orion. Such a combination of groups / species is common in the galaxy it is the way of evolution in many ways in many times."

Golden Child energien er også den grundlæggende energi i City of Light.

Paul McCarthy channeling St. Germain's perspectives on City of Light Scandinavia 20 July 2015:
"From a bigger picture point of view. From a detached point of view I see a great awakening with this project ahead of others. It brings with it the realization that many things are more possible. It is the exploration of the unity of spiritual energies and realities married with human free will human imagination and human intention. It is ultimately to be a grounded project a physical project as well as a spiritual vision and therefore it is a creative process as well in so many ways. Creative in the sense that it is not to be dictated by guides and higher selves. It is not something that is to be installed as a set program without any choice you might say that it invites the human influence of those who are evolved enough to connect to it. It invites creativity - it invites choice. And of course it does because this is the flavour of the future for humanity. Great creative processes great choices. It is attracting super creative guides and star seeds by its energies therefore reaching out into the future you are to expect those who have a great contribution to make to be attracted to this. Also at the points of time where there is more of a grounded focus a physical location on earth is important to provide a clear portal of energies detached from past events on earth past energies past trouble spots shall we say energetic trouble spots on earth. And therefore yes be guided when the question of physical location becomes more important. Be guided to the place for it has to have purity and clarity. This is the flavour going forwards."